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MUSIQUEPosted by webmaster Fri, February 06, 2015 14:19:19


The music industry has been struck down, first by the collapse of record sales, then by all free access to almost equivalent to the logic of legal downloading, since Steve Job, the hero of modern times, has imposed record companies to sell the mp3 at exorbitant price of 0.99 cents. Suffice to say that in terms of looting, it was of great art. I apologize in advance from Steve Jobs fans, but everyone must assume his actions before history and the facts are there, as related in his own biopic.

Piracy, killing the financial and cultural value of music, not only deprived the artists and their income from industry, but also deprived the prestige that was assigned to them in terms of their abilities to create this " little extra something "sung by France Gall, who is not, everyone is not, and everybody can not be an artist, producer, or art director. Would you enter in a bakery to pick up your free bread without embarrassment at your favorite shopping? Would you go at Renault, taking their latest model, without pay, and starting again proudly driving the flower to the teeth? You could probably, provided that the government you allow, actively or passively, that is to say if the police did not intervene in the event of theft and you do not risked to go to court. Yet this is what we did to the music industry. Thieves handbags were allowed to take everything that was within their reach without intervening, so giving the blessing of their various successive powers place for over 15 years!

The fragile, ghostly and maligned Hadopi law showed the limits of political will in this area. The only real attempt to put an end to this global scam quickly found himself faced with the reluctance of elected officials who are so afraid of call a spade a spade, because a thief is still a potential voice. This is not only a shame, but also and above all a political mistake, cultural and economic unforgivable: so many sacrificed jobs, wealth dropped to the lowest bidder, crushed productivity! The money from the music, which no longer exists, can not be redistributed in the real economy. The sudden disappearance of most of the industry majors has left everyone in the lurch. Those that survive are constantly on the alert, and fear that their turn arrives. Yet the words of Pascal Negre enlighten the public and opinion on a very obvious reality: no artist can make a real career without the support of a music company. By pillaging artists, Steve Jobs and hackers around the world have also stripped those who gave artists the means to live and to be produced. No other profession in our time has been such contempt by the public and authorities: keeping cinema selling tickets, and young people are still buying video games.

The actual result has emerged very clearly: the artists, for what remains, have become the social networks cows milk : they must pay for everything, to expose, to be heard, attract attention, earn fans, send titles to radios, to press releases, manage a newsletter, access to digital distribution. The financial abyss is bottomless, as they must also and above all, even prior to "communicate" breaking the bank to record their music ... But what am I saying? Where to save, too, since most studios have also spent the bucket over the last few years. If they ever will nevertheless manage to great fanfare crowfunding and money given by the grandmother of their band, Facebook, Google, YouTube and many others, will be eager to ask them more money then they live through the content they provide them, just to share an "event", appear decently on the search engine, or gather more views on their videos. It will take them buying likes, promotional areas, and god knows what else.

The proliferation of "services" to artists, mainly on canvas, shows how we take them for the goose that lays golden eggs, and logic is irrefutable: since the public, accustomed to free, no longer buys music, it is for artists to pay to make and circulate it. We used to sell music to the public, it is now selling the public to artists. What many people do not know is that now groups who want to perform on stage must either play for free or pay out of pocket the production of their show, and promotion that follows. The approach is very expensive and unprofitable. It is time, it is high time that artists and the entire industry resume their destiny. The era of free will end soon. Become startups multinationals can not continue to make billions at the expense of artists and producers without the wheel turns: just as global music stars suddenly began to boycott Youtube, and that as he left? A bankruptcy at Lehman Brothers, copy, radical stupid. Artists and producers, independent or majors, we must not accept anymore that our work, our efforts, our investments are thus reduced to nil for profits never redistributed. It is intolerable that one can with impunity, watching any video on Youtube, get the song or the music that accompanies it, for free, and then download to their computer or mobile phone, as do today's teenagers worldwide through small applications also free. Which allows this, and that leaves do? The more the music industry is dying, most those who benefit are strengthened.

The question that one can legitimately ask is why Steve Jobs has imposed on distributors to sell Apple computers to 10 euros?

The music is priceless. That's why we need to buy it.

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